On-Site Wellness

We partner with employers to help all of their employees improve their health risks, health behaviors, and quality of life.

Our on-site wellness coaching delivery methodology achieves more employee participation (85% of all eligible employees) in wellness coaching than ever before possible.  For the first time in the wellness space, entire employee populations have the opportunity to benefit from the power of wellness coaching to improve their well-being — and their lives.

Our on-site coaching model works through the deployment of our highly trained on-site wellness coaches to our customers’ workplaces to systematically connect with and coach all employees – one-on-one and face-to-face. Our goal is to move entire employee populations to  sustained improvement in the health-related risk factors which are the leading cause of poor health and chronic disease.

Our on-site wellness coaching delivery model is integrated with our customers’ other workplace wellness resources, and customized for each person and employer we serve.



People who engage in wellness coaching achieve much higher levels of improvement (very often 5X to 10X higher) in health related behavioral risks than those not coached.  That’s why our remarkable wellness coaching engagement level of 85%+ of all eligible employees produces higher levels of improvement in employee population well-being than ever before.

Health Risks Addressed

Risks that our Wellness Coaches work to improve include (i) lifestyle risks related to nutrition and healthy eating, exercise, diet and weight loss, stress and blood pressure, smoking cessation, substance abuse,  and medication noncompliance, and (ii) the chronic health conditions such behaviors cause.

Promotion and Integration

Not just coaching. We put it all together.  We work in partnership with our customers to promote, integrate, connect, and increase usage of all of their other wellness resources as important components of the health risk improvement process.

More Than Coaching

Our coaches also prepare and implement—as customized for each customer— an array of supplemental educational and promotional activities and events to complement and support our coach-led health improvement process.


Employers can increase workplace productivity by demonstrating to their employees that they are truly invested in their well-being.  Installation of our on-site coaching model has proven to be one especially effective way for employers to do so.

Our Support Infrastructure

We have developed and operate the wellness industry’s most comprehensive on-site specific wellness and injury prevention coach training, continuing development and support system (CoachWell), and data management and customer reporting system (StageCoach).

How it works: Step by Step

  1. Critical Information

    Obtain demographic data for eligible employees, customer wellness and safety related strategies and resources, and any other relevant data.

  2. Planning and Logistics

    Finalize number of coaches, finalize coach location and coverage assignments and scheduling, and determine appropriate coaching areas.

  3. Recruitment and Hiring

    Recruit and interview candidates, arrange customer interviews, obtain final customer hiring approval, and solidify the on-site team.

  4. Coach Training (Initial, Ongoing, and Advanced)

    Teach principles and practice of coaching, on-site delivery and engagement-building methodology, etc.

  5. Implementation

    Promote program, initiate on-site rounds and launch the data collection, reporting and communications processes, etc.


Our Outcome Highlights

Group icon
85% of all eligible employees engage in coaching
Dumbbell icon
5,600,000 coaching interactions with engaged employees
Handshake icon
20 coaching interactions on average per employee coached
Blood pressure cuff icon
52% reduction in number of employees in high risk categories
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61% of employees coached improve 2 or more health risks