Population Health Management

Population Health Management, in the context of employee workplace populations, relates to employer efforts to accommodate and manage the full and comprehensive range of the health needs of their entire employee populations, from routine medical, to injury, to acute, to chronic condition…and the prevention of all of these.

Prevention then, undertaken by employers through workplace wellness efforts to help employees achieve and sustain the state of being in good health (of optimizing their own healthfulness) is clearly a critical component of comprehensive Population Health Management, and has a pervasive impact upon the need for, use, and effectiveness of all of its other components.

Wellness Coaches USA is the pioneer, leading, and largest national provider of onsite workplace wellness coaching and population health management services.   Even more significantly, the process and methodology we have designed and developed to accommodate the logistical requirements of ONSITE delivery position us, as well, to put the population into workplace wellness…engaging, for the first time, virtually entire employee populations in the process of optimizing their own, personal healthfulness and quality of life.

The health improvement outcomes we achieve, as a result of population health management, truly set the standard for workplace wellness success.

We are the pioneer, leading and largest national provider of ONSITE wellness coaching.  However, we are much, much more.  That’s because the coach-centric process and methodology we have developed to logistically accommodate the onsite delivery of wellness coaching, also positions us (working in partnership with our employer/customers and their other wellness resource vendors) to “supercharge” workplace wellness initiatives, and boost wellness outcomes by:

  • Stimulating more employee engagement* in personal efforts to improve health…more employees engaged, by far, than ever before possible…consistently 90% of all eligible employees in the employee populations we serve
  • Providing the very large portion of employees who engage with the “state-of-the-art” in ONSITE wellness coaching…tested, proven, and recognized as the “best in class” in the wellness marketplace
  • Producing (as a result) the wellness industry’s most impressive level of improvement in risky employee population lifestyle behaviors and associated health risks…averaging over 1,038 risk factors improved for every 1,000 eligible employee lives

We make workplace wellness work…better…much better!!!

Wellness Coaches USA