Occupational Athlete Coaching (OAC) is our powerful complement to employer safety strategies designed to reinforce, enhance and boost employer efforts to prevent workplace injuries. OAC works through our unique, innovative application of evidenced-based coaching methodology to injury prevention. It is implemented by the professional, highly trained coaches we embed onsite, right in our customers’ workplaces, to be our injury prevention “boots on the ground,” coaching employees…one-on-one and face to face. All of our coaches are trained on our proprietary CoachWell system, and have undergraduate or advanced degrees in a physiology-related specialty.

We provide coaching on the fundamentals of body mechanics, health and fitness, based on the well established connection that fit, healthy, workers are safer workers, and are more ready to perform work. Our coaches will work with employees on a wide variety of interconnected topics, such as:

  • Weight management
  • Postural alignment
  • Stress management
  • Tobacco cessation
  • Anatomy and biomechanics
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise and conditioning
  • Common injury self-management
  • Strength and flexibility

Our coaches capitalize upon their presence onsite to personally, regularly, and systematically reach out to, interact with, engage, and provide injury prevention coaching to virtually all employees. These frequent and ongoing interactions establish our coaches as trusted advisers, advocates, and catalysts for safe work and healthy lives.

Generally, across our book of business, we engage 80% to 90% of all eligible employees in the populations we serve with 8 to 12 distinct, personal coaching interactions for each employee engaged. These interactions are conducted in appropriate designated areas during our coaches’ rotating rounds throughout all work areas to which they have been assigned.

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