On-Site Injury Prevention

We partner with employers to help them move their employees ever closer to injury-free work performance.

Occupational Athlete Coaching (OAC), our powerful, innovative, on-site injury prevention coaching model, brings a whole new dimension to injury prevention.

Designed to complement and boost the effectiveness of employer injury prevention efforts, OAC works through the deployment of our highly trained, on-site injury prevention coaches directly to the workplace. There, working with and among employees, they build a bridge—a personal, interactive, one-on-one, and face-to-face connection— between our customers’ injury prevention programming and employees.

Our workplace presence also affords us the opportunity to observe and learn the specific hazards and risky work behaviors present in each workplace we serve.

Then, through the connections and relationships we form with employees, we activate our uniquely powerful on-site coaching methodology to put it all together and coach each employee to injury-free work performance.

All program components are customized for each employer and employee we serve.


Injury Prevention Coaching Elements

Includes: (i) intervention to correct unsafe work behaviors, (ii) mitigation of environmental hazards, (iii) reinforcing customer safety policies and procedures, (iv) early intervention (v) first aid triaging and delivery, and (vi) return-to-work support.  In addition, we are uniquely well-positioned to include two additional, innovative coaching elements now recognized as potent components of injury prevention strategy – wellness and mindfulness.


Research suggests that the majority of workplace injuries and accidents are caused by “mindless” behaviors (i.e. behaviors which occur when we are distracted, hurried, multitasking, and/or overloaded).  That’s why we have made promoting and teaching “mindfulness” a core component of our injury prevention program.


It’s a fact that healthy, fit workers are much less likely to incur a workplace injury.  Therefore, efforts to improve employee wellness can provide a powerful boost to the achievement of injury-free work performance. That’s why we provide the only injury prevention programming that integrates on-site workplace wellness coaching expertise (see On-site Wellness Program) with injury prevention efforts.

Promotion and Integration

Not just coaching. We put it all together.  We work in partnership with our customers to promote, integrate, connect, and build utilization of all other injury prevention resources as important components of the injury prevention process.


It takes more than just making injury prevention coaching available.  The key is getting a lot of people to use it – in fact, entire employee populations. That’s what we do by capitalizing upon our presence in the workplace to reach out to and interact with all employees, consistently stimulating 85%+ of them to participate in coaching.

More Than Coaching

Our coaches also prepare and implement, as customized for each customer, an array of supplemental educational, promotional, and testing activities and events to complement their other injury prevention resources, and to support our coach-led injury prevention process.

Our Support Infrastructure

We have developed and operate the wellness industry’s most comprehensive on-site specific wellness and injury prevention coach training, continuing development and support system (CoachWell), and data management and customer reporting system (StageCoach).

How it works: Step by Step

  1. Critical Information 

    Obtain demographic data for eligible employees, customer wellness and safety related strategies and resources, and any other relevant data.

  2. Planning and Logistics 

    Finalize number of coaches, finalize coach location and coverage assignments and scheduling, and determine appropriate coaching areas.

  3. Recruitment and Hiring 

    Recruit and interview candidates, arrange customer interviews, obtain final customer hiring approval, and solidify the on-site team.

  4. Coach Training (Initial, Ongoing, and Advanced) 

    Teach principles and practice of coaching, on-site delivery and engagement-building methodology, etc.

  5. Implementation

    Promote program, initiate on-site rounds and launch the data collection, reporting and communications processes, etc.

Our Outcome Highlights

crutches icon
63% decrease in reported strains and sprains
- Pharmaceutical Customer
Money bag icon
36% decrease in total Worker's Compensation costs
- Transportation Customer
Bandaged hand icon
63% decrease in MSD injuries
- Chemical Customer
Clock icon
29% decline in lost work days
- Hospital System Customer
Hard hat icon
25% drop in recordable injuries
- Construction Site Customer