Finally, we offer a solution to the fundamental workplace wellness weakness…enough employee population engagement in coaching to drive workplace wellness success…

As demonstrated by years of research, without coaching support, most people do not have the capability, on their own, to take the action necessary, for the extended period of time required, to improve personal health risk factors.  That’s why coaching is now recognized as the essential health risk improvement resource.  Correspondingly, just as most people need coaching to improve personal health risks, very high levels of employee population engagement in coaching is the critical requirement for the achievement of large-scale reductions in employee population health risks.

Yet, the remote, technology-based offsite wellness coaching platforms (telephonic or online) that most all workplace wellness programs utilize in their attempt to satisfy the wellness coaching requirement, rarely, if ever, engage nearly enough people in wellness coaching to drive workplace wellness success.  It’s just not possible with offsite coaching, even with the use of financial incentives.

Enter Wellness Coaches USA.  We’ve solved the problem with our onsite wellness coaching delivery process that capitalizes upon the power of “coaching where people are” to, finally, stimulate enough engagement in wellness coaching to drive workplace wellness success.  In fact, we consistently engage a remarkable 80% to 90% of the employees in the populations we serve in wellness coaching, every year. No alternative wellness service model or strategy comes even close.

Wellness Coaches USA