Employee Wellness Programs

Employee wellness programs, used to improve employee population health and wellness, have become a national employer imperative.  That’s our mission…to deploy our unique and proprietary ONSITE employee health and wellness coaching delivery methodology to help our employer/customers improve the health of their entire employee populations.

Though the core of our service model is onsite employee wellness coaching, we do much, much more.  That’s because the ONSITE coach-centric process and methodology we have developed positions us to “supercharge” workplace wellness initiatives and boost employee health and wellness outcomes to a dimension never before possible…truly achieving large-scale improvement in employee population health.

Employee wellness programs offer many advantages for your company. Over time, they can produce successful results including

  • Fewer absences from employees because they feel healthier and will be mentally and physically prepared to be an asset to the company
  • This will then result in greater on the job productivity, meaning your company will profit greatly from employee health and wellness
  • Less turn-over due to satisfaction from productive employees. Top employees will be rewarded for their success, raising company morale in the process
  • Less money spent towards health insurance. Less money will be spent on employee wellness programs that will target employee behavior. Our methods are more affordable than relying on the soaring prices of healthcare plans.

Our employee health and wellness programs have so much to offer. One thing they offer that other employee wellness programs don’t is on-site, personal interaction. Our professional coaches will be by your side the entire time, coaching you on how to be healthier and fit for the workplace.

We make workplace wellness work…better…much better!!!

Wellness Coaches USA