Corporate Wellness Programs

Wellness Coaches USA is one of the leading corporate wellness companies in America, and the pioneer and largest national provider of ONSITE corporate wellness coaching.  Our corporate health and wellness program and strategy however, encompass much more than ONSITE wellness coaching.

That’s because the corporate wellness delivery process and methodology we have developed to logistically accommodate the ONSITE provision of wellness coaching, also positions us to “supercharge” corporate wellness programs, and substantially boost wellness outcomes by:

  • Stimulating more employee engagement (than ever before possible) in personal efforts to improve corporate health…consistently 90% of all eligible employees in the employee populations we serve
  • Providing the very large portion of employees who engage with the “state-of-the-art” in ONSITE wellness coaching…tested, proven, and recognized as “best in class”
  • Producing (as a result) the wellness industry’s most impressive level of improvement in risky employee population lifestyle behaviors and associated health risks…averaging at least 1 health risk factor improved for every eligible employee

Proving to be one of the leading wellness companies in America, Wellness Coaches USA currently serve over 400 clients in various industries throughout 36 states within the United States. Each of our clients have experience positive results from our corporate health programs that have increased employee behavior and interaction

By working with our wellness coaches, you can experience results by having your employees become healthier, happier, and full of life again. Unlike other wellness companies, our coaches thrive on the personal interaction they experience with each person. The personal touch our coaches bring with them to each work site is the reason why we have become such a huge success. You won’t be doing this alone- our coaches will be right by your side during the entire journey. Corporate wellness programs will help your employees obtain the results they need for a healthier future.

Wellness Coaches USA