Company Wellness Programs

Wellness Coaches USA is one of the leading health and wellness companies in America, and the provider of the most established, time-tested, and successful ONSITE company wellness programs in the workplace wellness marketplace.   The core of our service model is ONSITE wellness coaching, and the process and methodology we have designed and developed to accommodate the logistical requirements of ONSITE delivery position us, as well, to supercharge entire workplace wellness initiatives.

We do so by(1)  integrating all of our employer customers’ wellness resources with the behavior improvement process, and (2) stimulating higher levels of employee population engagement, by far (90%+ of all eligible employees in the populations we serve) than ever before possible.

As one of the leading health and wellness companies in America, Wellness Coaches USA is on the cutting-edge of an industry that is becoming more widespread throughout our great country. Instead of paying extra money to ever-soaring healthcare costs, companies can cut down on their expenses by choosing our company wellness programs. It is clear that employees are important assets, but they can become even more of an asset by being healthier, happier and more productive, which is the main goal to all of our company wellness programs.

Contact us today to breathe a new life into your workplace, through our company wellness programs. Through our programs, you will notice employees around the workplace beginning to look, feel and work better. Nothing builds camaraderie in the workplace, like employees gathering to complete one goal: To achieve healthier, happier lifestyle behaviors. When everyone is working together to achieve the same results, the wellness program will be a great success. Unlike other health and wellness companies, our methods are proven to work. See why Wellness Coaches USA truly sets the standard for wellness success in the workplace!

We make workplace wellness work…better…much better!!!

Wellness Coaches USA