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Wellness Coaches USA has breathed new life into the employer imperative to improve the health of their employee populations. We have done so by creating a powerful, innovative approach to workplace health promotion which consistently achieves large-scale improvement in employee population behavioral and biomedical health risks. That’s the real measure of health promotion success and the only outcome that really counts in our business.

More specifically, our onsite wellness coaching model has consistently helped our customers achieve exceptional levels of improvement in employee population lifestyle behaviors and associated biomedical risk factors. In fact, within the first few years of installation our services deliver a remarkable 1,000+ health risk factor improvements for every 1,000 eligible employees.

That’s our bottom line…where do you stand? Let’s Talk!

We’d love to show you how to take your workplace health promotion and injury prevention results to the next level.

For a detailed description of our exceptional results, please see our Employer Outcomes Report.

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