Our Results

The One Result That Counts

Large-scale improvement in risky employee lifestyle behaviors (as related to nutrition, eating habits, exercise, smoking, etc.), and the health risk factors these risky behaviors inevitably cause (obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, metabolic syndrome, etc.), is the workplace wellness goal – the only result that truly counts.

That’s why we are proud that our wellness model, with its 90% + employee engagement levels AND state-of-the-art onsite, face-to-face wellness coaching fully achieves this workplace wellness goal more successfully than ever before possible.

Here’s Our Bottom Line

Our onsite wellness coaching model consistently drives significantly higher levels of  improvement in  employee population lifestyle behaviors and associated health risk factors than any other model in the workplace wellness marketplace – a remarkable 110 health risk factors improved for every 100 eligible employees (plus substantial reductions in the incidence and cost of workplace injuries).

That’s our bottom line…where do you stand?

For a detailed description of our exceptional results, please see our Employer Outcomes Report.

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