Our Customers

Our onsite coaching services are suitable for employers in most all business classifications, and seamlessly integrate with and complement their full range of health promotion resources, no matter how constituted.

Today, we provide our services to employers of all sizes (from 100 to tens of thousands of employees) in over 400 locations in 36 states across the country. Customer business and industry classifications include:

Our customers include Fortune 100 and 500 employers; other large national multi-state/multi-location employers; local and regional employers; municipalities and cities; universities; employer healthcare consortiums; and regional healthcare systems.

Success Breeds Steady Growth

Our unique and powerful service model and exceptional, industry-leading outcomes have distinguished us in the wellness marketplace, resulting in a steady stream of new employer locations and customers. We are especially proud that a substantial portion of our new business derives from rapid roll-out following successful pilot implementations and from steady and continuous service expansion to additional facilities and locations owned and operated by our “very satisfied” existing customers.

New Business Referrals Welcome

In addition to new business that results directly from our work with employers, we encourage referrals from other professionals in the health and wellness field. Specifically, we have developed specialized service modules for referrals to us from business insurance brokers and agents, benefits consultants, health insurance carriers, and other wellness service providers (e.g., biometric screening, HRA, incentive program, and health portal providers).

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