Technology Platform

Our technology platform is a comprehensive, fully customizable technology solution.

For the first time in the workplace wellness space, our on-site service delivery model offers employers a true single source wellness solution that integrates the power and reach of onsite wellness coaches with a comprehensive array of technology tools and resources. No longer must employers settle for technology providers that drive limited levels of participation/engagement in their products. By integrating our technology solutions with our onsite coaches, we can leverage our capability to consistently drive extremely high levels of employee population engagement in coaching (85%+) to also maximize the utilization and value of our technology solutions.

Imagine how many people whose lives you can reach, touch, and help with our four integrated, on-site coach powered solutions: onsite wellness coaching + technology wellness coaching + web portal and app + health data analytics.

Technology Coaching Platform

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Personalized goal setting & tracking
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Individual & group messaging
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Online scheduling
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Incentive tracking capabilities
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3rd party data integration

Telephonic, Email, Chat, and Video Coaching

We believe that nothing can possibly compete with the impact onsite coaching will have on the health and safety of an employer’s population.  However, we also recognize that for a number of reasons it may not be practical, or even possible, to make onsite coaches available to every employee.  So, for employers wishing to add technology coaching capabilities to our onsite coaching service, we have the solution.

For those employees with access to an onsite coach, our technology platform provides them with greater connectivity to their coach between physical visits.  In addition, the platform extends the reach of our coaches so employee spouses and dependents, employees working at remote locations or from home, will also have access.

In addition to providing a single provider solution, one of the great strengths of our on-site delivery model is that our on-site coaches, will be the ones providing the technology based coaching. This means that, unlike technology coaching delivered from a remote call center, our technology coaching regimes will be informed and enhanced by our coaches’ firsthand knowledge, appreciation and understanding of the workplace, its people, its culture and stresses, and its wellness and safety issues.

Web Portal and App

In addition to our onsite and technology coaching deliverables, we offer to supplement our coaching efforts with a web portal and mobile app platform.  This product can be made available to all employees and/or spouses and dependents, and is customizable, flexible and designed to satisfy the technology interests of employees.

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Over 40 Online Wellness Programs

Motivating “themed” health challenges covering a wide range of well-being topics, including (1) promotional flyers and user instructions, (2) weekly health tips, (3) reports to track participation & individual outcomes through App or mobile web and (4) resource page to integrate important links and documents all in one place

Virtual Wellness Challenges

Fun and interactive wellness challenges with virtual journeys – online or web enabled for smart phones and tablets

Device Aggregator

Capability that allows users to seamlessly sync most activity tracking devices and smartphone apps to their user account on the portal

Engaging Content & Video Learning Modules

Broad array of relevant technology based content available to employees in downloadable and video form

Incentive Tracking Capabilities

Ability to customize and configure incentive/reward programs

Well-Being Content Library

Articles, posters, healthy recipes, health tips and clever clip video tips

Monthly Electronic Newsletter

4 page, professionally produced, customizable newsletter covering a wide variety of relevant health related topics delivered electronically each month

Health Analytics Software

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For employers looking to have greater insight into their healthcare utilization and risk profile, we offer a cost effective, highly informative, and yet simple to use data analytics software solution.  This software solution can compile data from healthcare, prescription, health assessment, coaching and bio-metric sources to deliver aggregate employee health information, trends and forecasts from a single portal so you can spend less time on reporting, and more on making informed decisions.  Our solution goes well beyond traditional data warehousing efforts by uncovering real-time opportunities for our coaches to develop more targeted interventions, programming and strategies to help contain costs.

When integrated with our onsite coaching, the software can be used by our coaches to quickly identify and respond to risky diagnosis categories, diseases or conditions, gaps in care, and cost trends.  Lastly, our coaching data can also be integrated into the software so coaches can have more informed interactions with employees, and clients can better assess the impact their wellness efforts are having on the population’s healthcare utilization and risk profile.