Coaching Elements

Individual coaching regimes are customized to meet each employee’s unique needs, and include a comprehensive range of injury prevention coaching elements. These elements are integrated to reflect the interdependence between the safety and health factors which impact injury-free work performance, and include the following:

  • Injury Prevention Education
  • Health, Fitness and Conditioning
  • Mindfulness and Worker Readiness
  • Safe Work Performance
  • Early Intervention
  • Return to Work Support


Mindfulness coaching is a critical injury prevention strategy. Our coaches use mindfulness coaching techniques to reinforce worker readiness, help employees maintain focus during work and use correct body mechanics.

Our mindfulness coaching covers three facets:

  • Everyday Mindfulness: practice mindfulness on a daily basis to promote wellness and injury prevention
  • Body Mindfulness: to be attentive to how the body feels while performing routine tasks
  • Work Readiness Mindfulness: focus on injury prevention activities and proper body mechanics
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