On-site Connections.
Out-of-Sight Results.

Wellness & Injury Prevention

Imagine helping all of your employees live their healthiest, safest lives.

With Wellness Coaches you can.  Our coaches go on-site, directly in your workplace, to establish the powerful, personal, caring, face-to-face coaching connections that will help you improve the health and safety of all of your employees.

Staying healthy and injury-free, on our own, is not easy.  Most of us need the support of professionals dedicated to our well-being.  Our outcomes consistently demonstrate that the place to provide the best support, to the most people possible, is on-site, right in the workplace.

That’s why we partner with employers to build customized on-site coaching support programs that consistently motivate 85%+ of entire employee populations to proactively improve their health and safety, and their lives.

We even provide a state-of-the-art technology portal to support our on-site coaching connections, and to extend our coaches’ reach to all off-site employees.

We can help you make your workplace the healthiest and safest it can be. 

How Do Your Outcomes Stack-up?

We coach
more people.
85% of all employees engage in coaching (with or without incentives)
We coach
them more often.
20 coaching interactions per employee coached
We help
more people.
A remarkable 50% of all employees improve health and safety risks

More Than Coaching

We deliver a powerful process designed to help build and reinforce a workplace culture committed to, and supportive of, improving employee population, health, and safety!

  • Promote, drive utilization of, integrate, and connect all other health and safety resources
  • Plan, prepare, promote, and deliver customized group health and safety activities and events
  • Conduct stretch programs, and provide CPR/first aid
  • Administer frequent blood pressure and body composition testing
  • Create and distribute customized newsletter and other materials
  • Conduct fitness classes and training
  • Participate on wellness and injury prevention committees
  • Integrate and promote available incentive programming

Stories from our Coaching Heroes...

“Janelle's quick, professional on-site reaction helped head off a more serious outcome, and her ongoing
support will help avoid additional episodes.”

Janelle, 'Being There When it Matters Most'

"The employee credits Scott with saving him from a potentially irreversible cardiac event."

Scott, 'Protecting a Life Through Health Screening'

"I feel so fortunate that my employer has made on-site coaching available to me and my co-workers."

Tom, 'Motivating an Employee to Reach Her Goals'

"A week later, the employee got back in touch with Scott to thank him for saving her life. As it turned out, she actually had several blood clots in each lung."

Scott S, 'Saving a Life by Being Proactive'